About Us


Our breeding station was registered with WCF in 2008.

I have chosen Thai cats because I wanted an unusual cat. I was charmed by the unique colouring of their fur coats, the glamorous, blue, sparkling eyes, the grace with which they move and the harmonic beauty of their muscular, lithe bodies. What I really wanted was a shorthaired breed that does not need frequent fur tending and lives a healthy and long life.

Once I saw the cats’ pleasant, intelligent faces and their soft silken fur – and learnt about their pleasant disposition – I knew straightaway that Thai cats were the ones for me.

Our cats are the first specimens of the Thai breed imported into the Czech Republic. They come from leading foreign breeding stocks.

We are devoted to their well-being, good nutrition and overall happiness. We feed our cats and kittens on the best cat granules of the highest quality as well as on fresh chicken, turkey and beef and on cat tinned food.

Our cats are considered members of our family, live with us and roam throughout our flat.

All our cats are tested negative for FIV and FeLV tests, and they receive regular vaccination. All kittens are regularly de-wormed from the age of 3 weeks and vaccinated from 9 weeks. They leave our breeding station for their new homes at the age of 12 weeks, equipped with Sales Contract, International Vaccination Card and Pedigree papers (PP). They are used to people and a dog. Because of our constant attention, love and care from an early age, they like cuddling.

Our breeding station does not focus on fur colour, but we are set to achieve an excellent type and friendly disposition. Therefore, kittens born in our station can be of all recognized colours, as inherited from their parents, i.e. seal-point, lilac-point, blue-point and chocolate-point colouring.

Our primary concern is about the well-being of our cats, and we want our kittens to go to loving families where they will enjoy the loving care they are used to from us.